Quotes from the Press

“Beautifully presented, the players bring superb musicianship and palpable enthusiasm to each performance. Eliyahu’s ney flute along with Rachel’s succulent  vocals are stars. creating a sense of human communication with the divine.”

All Things Considered, NPR

“Advocates of peace . . the beautiful music of The Qadim Ensemble is incredible”


“Visionary . . . achingly beautiful . . .”

— San Francisco Chronicle 

“The Jewish and Arabic musicians who comprise this eclectic world-music ensemble show the power of unity.”

— The Boston Globe

“An amazing talent . . .Their instrumental capabilities are incredible to behold and the interplay is remarkable . . . breathtaking, sweeping vocals . . . The voices and  instruments swell with sumptuousness, filling traditional Jewish, Armenian, Moroccan, Egyptian, and Turkish music with life.”

— Jordan Richardson, blogcritics.org 

“Rooted in history but infused with a hope for a brighter, more unified tomorrow, Qadim with take you on a beautiful musical journey.”

— Portland Tribune 

“From the moment the members of Eliyahu Sills’ ensemble pick up their instruments, the music of some of the world’s most ancient cultures comes pouring from the stage in staggering waves.”

— Oakland Tribune

“Their performance made that part of the world infinitely seductive and necessary, like  news from the heart.”

— Bay Area Reporter 

“The music of Qadim is based on the deeply-rooted connections between faiths and traditions. The virtuosity and dedication of each of the band-members is felt in
every aspect of their live performances. This group produces more than music; it gives a wordless summons to contemplation, intimacy and trust.”

— David Sander, professor of religious studies, Stonehill College

“Eliyahu Sills & Qadim take listerners on a journey through Northern India, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, sharing the common musical heritage and spiritual traditions . . “

— Monterey County Weekly 

“Listeners are deeply moved”

— Jewish Telegraph, London

“Their songs flow like ancient poetry “

— East Bay Express 

“The amber tone of the oud, the plaintive cry of the ney, and the cyclic percussion intertwine in sublime fashion . . . truly world music, some of the most open, human music you’ll hear this year. Essential.”

— Mark Keresman, East Bay Express

“Where Middle East conflict melts away in the face of insistent beauty.”

— Andrew Gilbert, Berkeleyside

“With Open The Gates, Rachel Valfer & Eliyahu Sills bring us the very lush sounds of Jews indigenous to the Middle East in a very modern package.    rhythmic and cultured sounds amid sublime vocal harmonies.  Expressive …  display of boundless skill.”

-Take Effect Reviews

” Jewish Middle Eastern music both contemporary and timeless in approach finds its inspiration in the historic and mystical melodies of antiquity.    . . .  connection to their ancestral origins through music  . . . . an organic blend of ancient and modern without losing nuance and timelessness.”

The Semitic