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Open the Gates – שַׁעַר פְּתַח דּוֹדִי Sha’ar P’tah Dodi 

Soulful, timeless music from the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Jewish diaspora, with lyrical vocals, traditional acoustic instruments from the region including the oud, ney, darbukkah, saz, santoor qanun, as well the upright bass and classical guitar.

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                             Reviews of Open The Gates – Sha’ar P’tah Dodi 

 “An organic blend of ancient and modern . . . stunning. . . expressive . . . warm. . . a magical collection . . . full of heart, passion, and virtuosity.”          –Staccatofy

“With Open The Gates, Rachel Valfer & Eliyahu Sills bring us the very lush sounds of Jews indigenous to the Middle East in a very modern package.  .  .  Rhythmic and cultured sounds amid sublime vocal harmonies.  . . Expressive . . . display of boundless skill.”     –  Take Effect Reviews

” Jewish Middle Eastern music both contemporary and timeless in approach finds its inspiration in the historic and mystical melodies of antiquity.    . . .  connection to their ancestral origins through music  . . . . an organic blend of ancient and modern without losing nuance and timelessness.”

Eliyahu & The Qadim Ensemble : Eastern Wind -  album art

Eastern Wind

Eastern Wind 

Eastern Wind,  a journey through multiple cultures of the Near East, received rave reviews world wide, reaching #7 on Billboard’s World Music charts.  Including songs traditional songs in Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian and Turkish, this album takes the listener through ancient Armenia, Yemen, Egypt, and Turkey and North Africa. 

With lyrical vocals, traditional acoustic instruments from the region including the oud, ney, darbukkah, saz, and Middle Eastern percussion.

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“Beautifully presented, the players bring superb musicianship and palpable enthusiasm to each performance. Eliyahu’s ney flute along with Rachel’s succulent  vocals are stars. creating a sense of human communication with the divine.”  All Things Considered, NPR

“Advocates of peace . . the beautiful music of The Qadim Ensemble is incredible” — KQED 

“Visionary . . . achingly beautiful . . .”  — San Francisco Chronicle 

“The Jewish and Arabic musicians who comprise this eclectic world-music ensemble show the power of unity.” — The Boston Globe

Eliyahu Sills: Song of the Reed -  album art

Song of the Reed

Song of the Reed 

Meditations and devotional melodies on the Turkish (Ottoman) Ney, the reed flute, sacred to many Sufi traditions.  

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Eliyahu Sills: Songs of Qadim  -  album art

Songs of Qadim



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